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Even having a bad credit won’t stop you from getting the funds you need. We find solutions that would work perfectly for you, regardless of your credit history. And it only takes two minutes. .

What Are Unsecured Loans?

Unsecured loan is basically a type of loan without a collateral backup. The best example for this is a personal or business loan. The lender doesn’t have anything to recover if in any case the borrower defaults. The basis for qualifications would be your credit worthiness. You make a promise to the lender or the bank that you will be making regular payments to clear off the debt.

How Will My Application Work?


Applying for a loan is incredibly fast, easy, and secured. You don’t have to go to the banks and wait in long lines in order to be approved. All you need to do is to fill-up a form online. Once done, upload your proof of income and employment verification. That will help us determine if you’re qualified for the loan.


Processing your application for a loan is relatively simple and straightforward. All you need you need to do is to provide all the necessary information, documents, and other qualification in order to be approved. Once approved, the funds will be sent directly to your checking account. Fast, easy, and hassle-free.


You don’t have to worry about having a bad credit when applying with us. There’s always a way regardless of your credit status. So if you have poor credit and you’re in need of funds fast, we find the best solutions that would fit to your needs.

What Are Loans I Qualify For

There are plenty of options you can choose from even if you don’t have an asset to pledge as a collateral. As long as you are able to pay the loan, that’s good enough for us. All you need to do is to provide a proof of income or have a job. The lender will only take your word for it that you will be paying the agreed amount when it is due.

What Options Do I Have?

You can choose from a variety of loans such as credit cards, payday loans, cash advances, student loans, etc. These type of loans doesn’t need a collateral. The lender can’t seize the borrower’s asset if they fail to make a payment when it is due. However, they may file a lawsuit against the borrower for not making the payment.

How Do I Apply?

What Are Payday Loans?

It is a type of loan that is extremely helpful during emergency cases. A payday loan is a short-term unsecured loan that requires no credit checks. You can also get approved fast. Unlike other loan types, payday loan processes would only take a day. You will be able to get your funds on the same day of application. Repayment terms are also easy and convenient.

What Are Guarantor Loans?

A guarantor loan is basically a type of unsecured loan that requires a guarantor in order to qualify. The guarantor will be the one paying off the debt just in case the borrower cannot make the payment. The guarantor is required to co-sign the agreement for the loan before it is awarded. So it is recommended that your guarantor must know you personally in order to make the necessary arrangements.

What Are Logbook Loans?

This is a type of a secured loan wherein the borrower presents a collateral in a form of a bill of sale. For example, the borrower transfers the ownership of a particular asset such as cars, vans, motorcycle, or other qualified asset to the lender. This serves as a security collateral for the loan. Basically, the lender owns the asset until the borrower has completely paid off their debt. You may still use the vehicle but if you fail to pay the loan before the aforementioned deadline, the lender can seize the asset and have it sold.

All Credit Histories Considered – Unsecured Finance In The UK

Regardless of your credit history, you may still be eligible to apply for an unsecured loan as long as you qualify for the loan and have the documents available during the application. Although for people with bad credit history, repayment for an unsecured loan can be really difficult. Chances are, the interest rates provided by creditors would be much higher compared to borrowers with good credit. Still, it is the best option in emergency cases if you don’t have anything to turn to.

What Is An Unsecured Finance

In financing, unsecured loans are the type of loans where the borrower doesn’t have to present an asset as a collateral or a security deposit as a requirement. It requires no guarantor and the only supporting information would be the borrower’s credit history. The lender doesn’t have the authority to seize the borrower’s assets in case the borrower fails to make a payment or resulted into a default. However, the creditor can sue you in courts and demand to have the debt paid in full. In most cases, people who qualify for an unsecured loan are borrowers with good credit standing. Although this is still applicable regardless of their credit history, for people with low or bad credit, lenders tend to increase interest rates and may add additional fees if payment hasn’t been made on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Does It Work?

There are many reasons why people choose online loans. The process is relatively simple. All you need to do is to visit the lender’s website and complete an online form. Once you have it done, just send it back for approval. The approval process would only take minutes and after that, the funds are sent directly to your account.

3. How Do I Apply?

The application process is simple. All you need to do is to visit the site and complete an application form. Once done, the funds are immediately transferred to your account as fast as two minutes.

5. How Long Does It Take To Get Paid Out?

Once approved, the funds that you have borrowed will be deposited to your account usually will only take minutes up to an hour.

2. Must I Have A Guarantor?

Usually, guarantors are required if the borrower doesn’t have a credit history or have a thin or poor credit line. However, if your credit is good, you may apply for a loan without needing one.

4. What’s In It For Us?

In emergency cases like being hospitalized with no cash on hand. You can simply head straight to the website and apply for a loan. In just a few minutes, you get the funds you need without hassle. You don’t have to go to the banks and wait for hours just to get a loan.

We’re Ready Whenever You Are

The application process is so easy and it will only take 2 minutes of your time. So, let’s get started!

What Products Can You Help Me With?

We have a variety of services that are completely tailored to your needs. Our services range from payday loans, auto loans, personal, and business loans. Whether long term or short term loans, we have it available for you to take advantage of.
You can also contact our support to know more about the specifics or if you need a more personalized service, you can also have the details added upon your application.

What Happens If I Lie On My Application?

Lying on your credit application has some serious repercussions if caught. The lending company has the right to reject the application the moment the lie has been exposed. Although the creditor may not be able to verify the documents presented during the application, they have the right to know the truth before approving your request. Furthermore, if a borrower is caught providing false information, the worst possible outcome would be spending time inside a concrete cell.

What Happens If I Miss Payments?

In most cases, lending companies won’t report to the credit bureaus regarding a late payment for at least 30 days since it’s due. Although your credit score won’t be affected, you are still subject for late fees that will add burden on your next payment schedule. Missing multiple payment schedules could snowball into something bigger, which would hinder your ability to make timely payments. This would ultimately affects your credit score and prevent you from getting better loans in the future.

Payment Method?

Once funds are available, we send it directly to your checking account that is registered during your application. You should be able to receive the funds in a just a few minutes to an hour. No need for complicated documents or extra requirements. We’ll send it right away.